Split into two projects to be filmed simultaneously, the first was to produce short videos of student’s experiences at their 8 college centres. Delivering 8 short films in total (up to 1 minute 30 secs) – one for each college centre highlighting the types of courses on offer and other facilities. The videos needed to be interesting and engaging to ‘sell’ Kirklees College and emphasise to students why they should choose to go there. The videos needed to include student’s comments as well as footage of students ‘at work’.

The second part of the project was to highlight current students’ positive experience of Kirklees College, aiming them at students in years 9-11. We needed to represent a wide range of courses, and also be representative of different gender, ethnicities and abilities.


For the first project we concentrated on the facilities of the different centres. Each video starts with the Kirklees College 2D animated logo. We then establish the centre and bring in text and a graphic to say which centre the video focuses on. After that a student introduces themselves and gives a brief description of the course they are on, we intersperse the interviews with footage of the students working, helping to highlight the different facilities.

Kirklees College

For the centre tours we see more of the facilities, there were no interviews to cover but we still needed the videos to be engaging. Filming the vast amount of facilities available, we used music to help maintain a steady pace for the video. Again utilising the animated logo as well as text graphics on screen to complete the video.


Filming over two days we tackled both filming projects at once. Filming with a crew of two, a cameraperson and sound recordist. We worked to Kirklees Colleges’ schedule travelling to various centres to film the different facilities as well as students. At each centre we would make sure we filmed students at work trying to cover a range of courses. Using a mixture of static shots as well as handheld, filming on our Canon 5D MK111 with interview sound kit, we didn’t have a large footprint whilst filming and were able to get around the different centres extremely quickly and efficiently.

Once all the filming was complete we then started the editing. It was at this stage we also produced a 2D animated logo, which was used to bookend each video. Using the college’s brand guidelines the logo incorporated both the primary and secondary colours available.

Feedback from the client

“Twenty Twenty Films designed some short videos for Kirklees College so we could offer prospective students virtual tours of our centres and show them the experiences of some of our current students. The films produced were very professional and exactly what was asked for in the brief. The team has provided an extremely useful recruitment tool for us to take out to local schools and to enhance our website and we have had great feedback from everyone who has seen them.”

Vicky Dacre, Marketing and Public Relations Officer