Harrogate Spring Water are the official water of Ascot, Yorkshire County Cricket and Hurlingham. Their brand projects quality and elegance, they produce award winning still and sparkling water drawing on over 400 years of history.


Capture ‘Brand Harrogate’

The marketing executives at Harrogate Spring Water came to us as they wanted two promotional videos producing, each to be played at a major live sporting event. Our challenge was to capture the Harrogate Spring Water credentials and promote desirability and engagement. Above all else we needed to produce videos that were distinctively Harrogate!

HSW are synonymous with hydration, Britishness, elegance, and iconic styling to mention a few!

The first event was Ascot/ Royal Ascot and the second video was to be played at England’s cricket matches at various grounds around the country. With two very different demographics we set about creating ideas that would appeal to the different audiences.

The Ascot video could be no longer than 60 seconds to be viewed by an affluent demographic, being played on the venues large screens as well as in their restaurants.

The cricket video had a 35 second playing limit as was to be played as part of the ‘Harrogate Hydration Break’, this is where there is a break in play and water is brought onto the pitch. The break is accompanied by a short PA announcement and then the video is played on the large screens within the grounds. The cricket video had a wider opportunity for consumer engagement.


We approached each video as if they were an advert or viral ad. Starting with the Ascot video, we went about developing concepts that involved a graphics based video. The concept we decided on revolved around the idea of being inside one of their (award winning)  iconic diamond shaped bottles.

The ECB video was all live action; filming with Darren Gough we shot the footage over one day at Prime Studios in Leeds.

Harrogate Spring Water


Harrogate Spring Water had never had any promotional videos undertaken before which meant we were able to help guide them through the videoing process. From the initial meeting with the two marketing executives they were instantly challenging us, not only did we need to come up with two ideas for the two events the timescale they had was extremely short.

The Ascot video was achieved by creating diamonds from scratch and utilising shots of water, we then went about getting the colour palette right to try and match the brand colours and staying away from colours that didn’t fit in with the brand guidelines. As the video progresses we eventually reveal the sparkling water bottle and then wipe frame to show both still and sparkling. We sourced music, which worked well with the tone of the video and helped emphasise the elegance of the video.

The ECB video was slightly more complex due to it being live action; we also wanted to shoot slow motion shots. Cameras generally shoot 25 frames per second, we shot on the Phantom Flex for this project which can shoot at 2,500 frames per second!! This then impacted on our lighting choices, because the overall look of the video was to be black and white we had the studio set up a black backdrop, which we then lit with very…very powerful lights!

When in pre-production on the shoot we had the task of figuring out how we would get Darren to hit a cricket ball that would explode! After several tests the best results were gained by using water balloons that exploded on impact. Using water balloons then left us with bits of the burst balloon in shot which we took out in post-production. The final outcome was amazing! Filming in slow motion, the water moving off the bat and across the screen, it almost looked like diamonds!

We had a crew of 8 people for the cricket video, shooting over one day. As well as directing, Sean also took on the roll as the water balloon bowler as he knew exactly where on the bat he wanted Goughy to be hitting the water balloon… much to Goughy’s amusement!

Feedback from the client

“It has been a pleasure working with the team at twenty twenty films. They took our initial conversa-tion, came up with concepts and delivered two great videos. They guided us through the process from start to completion, they understood everything we wanted to communicate and were ex-tremely sensitive to our brand. We were delighted with the finished videos and look forward to continuing this successful relationship!”

Rob Pickering, Sales & Marketing Director