To produce a range of product demonstration videos showcasing the benefits of each product, what makes up each product, why they are better than others on the market and in what situations the different products should be used. The videos need to be exciting, inspiring and look like adverts.


Working closely with Bulk Powders marketing executive we established the style of videos as well as how we could achieve the desired content. There was a lot of information regarding the products themselves therefore coming up with a creative way to get this across whilst still maintaining the viewer’s interest with engaging visuals was key.

Bulk Powders


Filming over three days with Bulk Powders, we captured a variety of shots including running shots, rugby, weightlifting, gym work (core) and boxing. We worked with Bulk Powders marketing executive to arrange the shooting schedule trying to assist with any logistical issue that arose.

Filming on the Canon 5D MK111 both on the tripod as well as handheld with a crew of 2 (camera person/ director and producer) we set up LED light panels to help us achieve the desired cinematic effect. For specific shots we utilised our gimbal (this piece of kit allows us to get smooth moving shots)

On the first day we filmed with boxer James Degale. We had James going through his usual warm up routine (even filming him lacing up his boots), doing pad work and shadow boxing.

We then filmed with the Wise Monkeys Sevens rugby team, having the team train as normal whilst we filmed around and amongst them for some of the shots. We utilised the gimbal for a lot of the rugby footage, being able to achieve shots where the camera was right in the action, which really gives the viewer the feeling of being part of the game. This footage was energetic, really smooth and comes great in the video.

Filming at two different types of gyms with Rachael, Alex and Luke we shot a variety of footage including them weightlifting, squats, doing cardio and even handstands! Making sure we got enough coverage of the activities but also showing the product in that environment and having some of the products made up in shot to show how easy it is to use! Our final location was back at the rugby club, filming with two athletes. We had them running with the camera opertator following on the gimbal.

Using a 2:3:5 aspect ratio assisted in creating the cinematic look as well as grading the images a cool blue/ green to give the appropriate feel. As well as music accompanying each video we also have a voice over which delivers information specific to each product.

All the videos work extremely well in delivering information whilst still been inspiring and engaging.

Feedback from the client

“We decided to work with Twenty Twenty, having been impressed with their portfolio of videos and unique approach to film making. Both Sean and Dawn were a pleasure to work with, going beyond the call of duty during filming, to ensure we got the footage we needed to complete the project to the high standard expected. Twenty Twenty were diligent and professional throughout. We were really pleased with the end product, which made all of the hard work worthwhile. We’ll be sure to work with the team again soon.”

Simon Aldous, Digital Marketing Executive