What’s the purpose?

Deliver loads of engaging information by including promo and web videos into your digital marketing campaigns. They are excellent tools for communicating your company or brand to the world! They are great for integrating on your company’s website as well as social media channels.

Is there an ideal length?

Research has shown that shorter videos (up to 1 ½ mins) not surprisingly hold an audiences attention for much longer, meaning that your video will be seen in its entirety, as it should be!  Some social media channels limit the time allowed for video, Instagram for instance increased it’s video length from 45secs to 1 min, so  you have a very short time in which to make an impact.

Having said that if your story warrants a longer video, as long as the content is captivating then it shouldn’t cause any problems! Keeping things creative, engaging and short is the best recipe for a successful video!

Harrogate Spring Water- Ascot 2017

What is the process?

Promo and web videos can vary in length and include a multitude of different techniques including graphics and animation.

So once you have made the decision to use web or promo videos (as with all types of video) we start by gathering information from you, this helps us gain a greater understanding of your target demographic as well as what you are expecting the final video to accomplish.

Our creative team get to work on coming up with ideas/content for the video and presenting this proposal to you to ensure you are comfortable with the direction we think is most suitable for the task. We put a lot of effort into the pre-production stage, which involves scripting & storyboarding, organising crew, selecting which equipment to use, locations etc. Once we are confident we have everything in place our skilled crew then get to work!

It is important not to bombard your audience with information. The tone of the video is crucial and by including extra elements which stimulate the viewer such as animation and graphics can assist in delivering an ideal promo video.

Getting your staff involved in the video can have the added benefit of your audience being able to see the people they could potentially be dealing with, this goes for the MD too!

After it’s all done…

Most companies use social media sites including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc to grab their audience’s attention and showcase their products or services.

As well as videos being uploaded onto your website they are also extremely effective for use at conferences and exhibitions. An increasing amount of companies incorporate videos into their presentations, they assist in keeping the delegates engaged as well as adding an extra element to a speech/ presentation.

(Need a hand with your social media channels…just ask!)

Our clients experience:

Incommunities Group chief executive recently used a promo video we produced during a presentation she was giving in the U.S.A. The 4-minute video incorporated a 2d animated logo as well as an animated map graphic complete with sound effects! There was also several talking heads. The video delivered so much more than would have been possible for one person to get across within a short presentation.

The videos need to be precise and inspiring meaning customers will respond to your call to action.

Promo & Web Video Examples

Harrogate Spring Water ECB 2016
Willerby The Reef
Bulk Powders