What’s the purpose?

Whether conference videos or live events we have a skilled team that can capture your event so it can be enjoyed again and shared!

What type of event should be filmed?

We understand that event videos are as diverse as the occasion they capture, so we work closely with you to make sure you get exactly what you want from your production. You maybe launching a new product, having a special celebration, award shows, PR events, fundraisers, etc. You’ve gone to all the effort of organising an event so why not record it and make sure your one off occasion has lasting value.

Event Production Showreel

They are perfect for showcasing your next event…

Every event has a different tone and our team makes sure they capture the spirit of the occasion meaning you have the perfect advert for your next event, which can have a global reach.

No matter what the size, single camera or multiple set-ups we are there from the word go taking the production from the initial conversation through to completion, supporting you where required and ensuring not a moment is missed.

As well as actual event filming we also try to get the feeling of what it has been like to be one of your invited guests! We will have already identified with you in the planning stages whom you may wish to get a talking head/testimonial with, therefore on the day you can rest assured we will be prepared and ready to record those all important glowing accounts!

What’s the final stage?

Our aim is to provide you with a video that stands out from the crowd, it’s not just a case of filming an event for the sake of it, we will deliver a video that enhances your organisation and gives that all important lasting value. Share with your audience and they will share with everyone else!

Event Video Examples

HSW England Cricket 2016
KWVR Beer Festival
Informa 5G