What’s the purpose?

Leave your audience feeling like they can make a difference. We start by identifying what the purpose of your video is…fundraising, creating general awareness etc. Your video may be a one off or part of a campaign. For your organisation to have a successful campaign you need to have identified your brief, this includes being clear about the purpose. Having a story to tell is the starting point…the vehicle in which that story is told can vary massively.

Tone is extremely important

Delivering information in the appropriate tone is vital. By having a clear message and stripping back all the ‘extras’ letting the message to come across you are allowing your audience to engage on an emotional level and not distracting them with “stuff”!!

Simon on the Streets

Have a clear call to action

Being able to get a particular message across in a way that isn’t patronising but is engaging can be a challenge. In essence we are taking the viewer on a journey, the time in which you do that can vary significantly, as long as the video delivers the key messages then any charitable organisation can make use of video. The most important element of a charity videos is that is has a clear call to action.

Let your audience in…

Testimonials are a great way for an audience to connect with the people your organisation is helping. The testimonial can make up as much or as little of the video as is needed. Using a reconstruction element can help deliver the story and could potentially be more engaging for your viewer. Your organisation will have a multitude of stories to tell, how they are told is where come in!

Charity Video Examples

HSW Cricket Liam Plunket
Simon on the Streets
Bradford Hate Crime Alliance