Why animation?

Bring your organisation to life! Animated video production can be utilised in different ways, from classic but effective 2D, character animation, simple hand drawn illustrations to digital 3D animation. The right one for you will depend on the message you are communicating to your audience. The style and tone of a video will be determined by your business.

An animated video can increase understanding of a concept when used effectively. It can be used to deliver complex information that might otherwise be hard to convey resulting in a greater retention rate for your audience.

2D animation is often incorporated into live action footage and is also know as motion graphics. Ideal for use in the ‘real world’ it can help to deliver information or intertwine parts of a live action video.

Is there an ideal length?

Animated videos can be short, informative and powerful. There is no real set time you should adhere to for animation, some videos are used to deliver a lot of content which may have not come across as well in live action. Others are short, fun videos that are designed to grab your audiences attention.

As always it is about delivering creative content and conveying your message in a concise and engaging way.

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What is the process?

Our experienced team start by discussing with you what you want to achieve. This initial discussion assists us in deciding what type of animation is right for your organisation. The versatility of animation production allows businesses to communicate their message effectively with their audience. Being able to have things jump off the screen in an interesting way and really stand out such as graphs and charts helps give a deeper understanding to the content shared, which might not have been possible in an all out live action video.

3D animation can be used to demonstrate a process, visualisations, or promote brand awarenes. This type of animation can also be used with live action. Animated brand videos can be more conducive to helping your audience understand your products, ideas or brand.

Animation and graphics can be incorporated into live action…

If animated video is something you want to incorporate into live action or if you want a stand-alone piece we can guide you through the process from conception, including story development, script writing and content development through to character and asset design and completion.

Animation & Graphic Video Examples

Informa 5G World
HSW Bottles
Ferno CEC